Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebrate Plate

A fun tradition to have with your kids is a "celebrate plate." When something noteworthy happens to any member of the family they get to use the special plate that night at dinner and announce their good news to everyone. I got this particular one at a Pampered Chef party years ago, but you could also go design your own at a pottery shop. Or even just buy a plate in a different color that distinguishes it from the rest of your set. All that's important is that it is recognized as the celebrate plate and spotlights the child for the evening. This can be used for big things like getting a driver's license or smaller things like losing a tooth. We have two actually, because with so many children there are often multiple "good news" opportunities in the same day. Any chance you have to make a child feel wonderful is precious indeed. So have fun with this and look for excuses to bring out the plate. I have been forgetting to do this lately and my kids have missed it so I vow to start celebrating at dinner far more often again!


  1. What a great idea! Laura, your creative ideas and tips are the best. Maybe you should start selling Pampered Chef items too. :-) I need to buy a celebrate plate. I love it!

  2. LOL...I think if I said I was starting one more thing my family would kill me :-) But pampered chef has great products. One of my friends has been very successful with their company actually. As for the plate...I do love this one but a plain bright red or yellow plate would work too! Just something different than what everyone else had.

  3. Great idea . . .gonna have to steal that one.