Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cleaning Out The Mom Mobile

Today while driving my son said, "Mom can you open up the car window? It smells bad in here!" Yikes!  Time to clean out the mom wagon. If you are anything like me, your car becomes your home away from home. We spend a lot of time driving here and there and each trip new things get dropped and left on the seats and floor. We eat in there on the fly from one errand to the next. Kids even change clothes sometimes between activities. I try to keep up with unloading it regularly. One trick I have is that every time I fill up the car with gas I spend the filling time emptying out trash into the station garbage cans. This helps. But even still on particularly busy weeks when we are on the move a lot it can sometimes get a bit out of control. Is it just me?  So here is the honest ugly truth of what I found out there when I went to clear out:

- Several half eaten and petrified happy meals on the far back seat (probably the source of the smell?)

-Various preschool and elementary school art projects and papers

- A grocery sack full of random trash...gum wrappers, scraps of paper with addresses written on them etc.

- A bowl that had once contained the dry cereal that was now scattered on the floor.

- A bag full of clothes from our last trip to the mall.

- Gross napkins covered in the remains of a spilled milkshake from last week.

- Broken CD cases with no CD's in them.

- SAT study books

- Bottle of nail polish remover.

- A few mismatched shoes

- A magazine

- Empty fruit cup with spoon

- Mary Kay paperwork and an order I need to deliver tomorrow

- My daughter's scriptures

- 2 jackets (keep in mind it was 90 degrees yesterday...they've been there awhile)

- 2 ice scrapers (see above)

- Pink rabbit's foot

- Sunglasses

- Mad libs

- 3 empty water bottles under the seat

- Easter grass

- One googly eye

- A box of tile

- Xylophone

- One glove

- A red hand towel

- Emergency room records

- Party invitation

- Small silver bucket

- A check for $65 that I forgot I had...yeah!! Bonus bucks!

Wow! Yuck! Feels so good to have it all emptied out. Next stop - the service station to have the car washed and use the big vacuums to get the crumbs!

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