Monday, May 30, 2011

Reston Animal Park

We took our three year old son to the Reston Zoo in Reston, Virginia on Saturday. It was his first visit and it was precious to watch his face as he took it all in. There was a large petting barn area where you could feed the sheep and lambs and pigs.  And a reptile house full of lizards and snakes. The pony ride he was too scared to try, but he liked seeing the monkeys and parrots. The highlight was definitely the wagon ride through the open area, where they had a variety of animals roaming free. They would occasionally stop the wagon and let them animals come right up to it, so people could feed or pet them. It was fun to be so close to these large animals that you normally only see on TV or from a distance.

The ostrich was a little fiesty so you had to watch out for him (he bit one little girl's finger...poor thing) and we were dodging the horns on our other hefty friend. They only animals they kept further back were the camels and zebras. But we got close ups with llamas and wildabeasts among others. It was a riot. If you haven't taken your children to the zoo in awhile, it's a great idea as the weather turns warm this summer. It's fun to get outside and walk around, while encouraging the children to love animals at the same time.  

Check out the website for the Reston Zoo:

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